1MW Biogas Plant Per Village

Establishment of 1MW biogas plant in each village to self sustain village. Our project mainly focuses on 1 village which has cattle population of 200-400 cows. We can grow the impact of this project by setting up similar plants in many villages in India, and within 1 or 2 years the capital invested by investors can be returned and all further income can be estimated as profit.

Highlights of the project:

  • This project helps the public to generate “eco-friendly” electricity with low cost (close to 2.50rs/-3rs/)with the usage of waste generated in their farms.
  • The methane which is extracted can also be used as CNG to fuel vehicles.
  • The project by-product is highly enriched phosphorus and nitrogen included vermicompost, this will solve the fertiliser’s crisis problem.
  • The by-products of this project are used for clean water generation, which mainly help to remove various diseases caused by polluted water.
  • As every plant needs minimum 7 engineers, we can reduce unemployment problem and as high qualified students are there in village’s, knowledge wise villages will be empowered.
  • Our project also serves the farmers who have cattle population, as gobar is main raw material to our project so. This encourages farmers to increase their cattle population and gain benefits. This will also stop the farmers getting into inhuman practices like selling non milking cows to the slaughter houses thinking them as burden.
  • Pure water is also a by-product generated in bio-gas plant by process called Thermal hydrolysis which will give the villagers purified water at very low cost
  • Project also has indirect impact on the villagers. At least 7 technical engineers will be employed who will live in the village premises, through them the villagers can learn about the outer world and latest technologies. Continuous availability of power can help them to understand latest technologies using Internet too.

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