India considers village as its back bone, so the country focus should majorly reside on this area, but is it really happening? Probably this is the only question which doesn’t require any options straight forward as “NO”.  Government builds road, parks, schools, police security, bus facility etc.., in cities and towns being in a day dream that they are the representation of the country. Whereas full two-thirds (67 percent) of India’s labor force of more than 450 million people is employed in agriculture,  which accounts to about 23 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), another 26 percent of the GDP is accounted by industries and 47 percent by services. The CIA World Fact Book estimated the division of the GDP to be slightly different, indicating agriculture at 25 percent.

When villages are source of generation then why villages are not facilitated on par of with cities? Is this the way we should treat our backbone. They are not slaves to the country but are the pillars of the country. This point has to be churned in everybody heart, then only a country can become super power not by any sort manufacturing industries, IT companies etc.., the result of this is the death of 1,00,000 farmers in a  year and food crisis of india.

Focal point of vision is at the theme that the ultimate purpose of science and technology is to serve the society, where it emerged. Science and technology should help the sustainable development of the society, economic prosperity and cultural integrity of the societies that they serve. Energy or electricity becomes an integral part of such developmental process.  We are aimed at the application of clean energy technologies for improvement of ecology and environment, which further constitutes for greater heights social engineering. Empowering the villages by powering theme is what our vision is focused. Our vision is “POWER TO EMPOWER”.


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