When the IT explosion started in 1980 and reached its peak by mid 90s most of India and Asian countries were quick to catch up with that wave and became centers of excellence at least in software applications. But the exploding computer networks internet web demanded more and more energy electricity and transportation fuels to supply the parts throughout the world wide.

Unknown to the Asian countries along with IT another revolution took place in biotechnology. This revolution is driven by two reasons: Energy self sufficiency and National security concerns.

1971 oil crisis shot the price of oil through the roof thus increasing the transportation costs many fold throwing all the economies in the world of the balance. With the IT and computers demanding the more energy and transport fuel the western economies looking to develop alternate energy sources to meet the requirement of industry. They have four choices: solar, wind, Geothermal, sea waves and biomass.

In the many of the western countries because of their cold climate plunging to -10 to 20 degree Celsius because of which solar energy, geothermal energy and as sea is in frozen state tidal energy is also impossible. This left with no choice other than biomass. Starting from 1972 the western world discovered using animal waste methane can be extracted which is termed as biogas or gobar gas in India. When Indians started running behind computers for survival westerners took biogas as main source to solve their problems of electricity and transportation fuel requirements by putting an end to dependency on Middle Eastern oil.

In that process academicians of all engineering and agricultural branches came together created three distinct engineering courses. They are Agricultural engineering, Bio-fuel engineering and Biogas engineering. In England alone they reduced oil dependency 6.8 million tons per/num, Germany has shut down all its nuclear plants which are used for electricity purposes as they are able to meet the electrical requirements in the biogas. Then in Sweden, Denmark, Finland more than 60% of the public transportation is run by the purified biogas generated from animal waste. In India none of the developments are known or reflected.

Current position of India:

  • National Crime Records Bureau of India, that more than 1, 82, 900 Indian farmers took their own lives between 1997 and 2007. It estimates¬†46 Indian farmers commit suicide every day. That equates to roughly one suicide every 30 minutes!!
  • 3600gigawatts power requirement is necessary to meet Indian power requirements, whereas current power generation constitutes to 220gigawatts.
  • Poverty in India is 26% of Indian population as presented by planning commission of India.
  • Total literacy rate of India is only 74.06%.
  • Total un-employment rate as of 2012 is estimated to be 3.8% whereas by 2011 it is recoded to 9.4%.
  • Fertilizers shortage
  • Hike in fuel rates.

We know Knowledge is power; power brings responsibility, being engineers we carry responsibility towards society to provide timely solutions to social problems and enhance the quality of life of citizens. Now we take this chance to solve the problems of country.We the professionals of multidisciplinary fields came together under the umbrella of – ESEE– Engineers for Sustainable Energy and Environment, to provide solutions. We are trying to bring all the development, academia and prospective entrepreneurs so that they can explore the bright careers in multidisciplinary engineering to solve the current problem of energy and crisis.

Our areas of focus:

  • Solid, sewage and waste management
  • Resource Engineering
  • Sustainable energies
  • Bio-gas engineering
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • River management.
  • Social-cultural engineering.

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